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Our initial contact begins with a phone call, which serves as a chance for us to establish a relationship and gain insight into the real estate challenges you may be experiencing. Through this conversation, we seek to fully comprehend your unique circumstances, enabling us to customize a solution that is tailored to your needs. This is also an opportunity for you to learn about us and our approach, ensuring that we are a good match for each other.

Meeting the Property

Meeting the Property

Following our initial conversation, we will arrange an appointment to meet in person at the property. This will allow us to gather details about the property and address any additional questions you may have. During the visit, we will conduct a brief walk-through of the property, capturing measurements, taking photographs, and noting any relevant information.

No-obligation offer within 24 hours

No-obligation offer within 24 hours

Once the appointment is concluded, we will return to our office and carefully review all the information we have gathered. Our goal is to utilize this information to create a mutually beneficial offer that meets your needs as well as ours.

Accepting the Offer

When you accept our offer, our team will immediately begin drafting the legal paperwork required to prepare for closing. To ensure that everything is handled correctly, a licensed Realtor will assist with drafting all of the legal documentation and help bring the transaction to completion.  Additionally, a title company will facilitate the transfer of the real estate deed, further safeguarding the interests of both parties involved. It’s worth noting that we will cover all of the associated fees, including the Realtor and title fees, so you don’t have to worry about any additional costs 



The last step in the process is the closing itself. On this day, you will be signing all of the necessary legal documents that our team has meticulously prepared to guarantee a seamless and hassle-free closing experience. It is worth noting that this is also the time when you will receive payment.

Still Have Questions?

What the closing fees

What are the
closing fees?

When you choose to sell your property to us, we’ll cover all expenses related to title commitment, insurance, legal document preparation, the owner’s policy, and a special assessment search. However, please note that you’ll be responsible for paying the property taxes for the duration of your ownership of the property

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Why work with a license agent

Why work with a licensed agent?

Involving a licensed realtor can ensure that all essential documents are prepared in accordance with both local and federal regulations, thereby protecting the interests of both parties involved.

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Are there some properties you want buy

Are there some properties you want to buy?

Although it’s uncommon, there are situations where selling your property to us may not be the best solution for all parties involved. In such cases, we’ll be glad to provide you with other options. Rest assured that our consultations are free, confidential, and come with no obligation whatsoever.

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