How much money will I receive at closing?

The amount of money you will receive at the closing of the sale of your property may differ based on various factors such as the outstanding mortgage balance, liens against the property, transfer taxes, as well as unpaid taxes, or special assessments. However, our team will work with you to identify these factors and provide you with an accurate estimate of the final amount you can expect to receive. It’s important to note that these are typical expenses part of many transactions and our team is committed to being transparent about them, so you won’t face any unpleasant surprises at closing.

What are the closing fees?

When you choose to sell your property to us, we’ll cover all expenses related to title commitment, insurance, legal document preparation, owner’s policy, and special assessment search. However, please note that you’ll be responsible for paying the property taxes for the duration of your ownership of the property

How fast will it close?

Once the offer is accepted and signed, we’ll begin the title process. If any title defects are discovered, we will work with you to resolve them. Once the title is cleared, we set a closing date and begin drafting the legal closing documents. Typically, the closing date is scheduled within 2-4 weeks from the time the offer is signed.

Are there some properties you wont buy?

Although it’s uncommon, there are situations where selling your property to us may not be the best solution for all parties involved. In such cases, we’ll be glad to provide you with other options. Rest assured that our consultations are free, confidential, and come with no obligation whatsoever.

Can I leave furniture/trash in the property?

You’re welcome to leave any furniture or trash behind, as our clean-out crew will handle any remaining items

Why work with a license agent?

Involving a licensed realtor can ensure that all essential documents are prepared in accordance with both local and federal regulations, thereby protecting the interests of both parties involved.

What is a title?

The title refers to legal ownership and the right to use and occupy a property.

What are title defects?

Title defects are problems with the title that must be resolved or “cleared” before it can be sold. There are numerous potential issues that can arise, such as incorrect legal descriptions, missing heirs, wills that impact the property, name discrepancies, unreleased mortgages, liens, and special assessments, to name a few. However, you can rest assured that we are committed to helping you clear any title defects that may arise.

How does closing work?

Closing a house, also referred to as settlement, is the final stage of a property’s purchase or sale process. It involves the buyer and seller meeting to sign the required legal documents to transfer ownership of the property. At closing, we will provide payment for the property, which the title company will use to settle any outstanding mortgage, liens, or other debts related to the property. Once all of the financial obligations have been settled, you will receive a check in the amount specified in the closing statement and be able to finalize the transaction.


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